Most people are born with five senses. There's seeing, smelling, hearing, touching, and tasting. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not have one of those senses? Which sense would you choose to not have if you had to get rid of one of your senses? Why would you choose that sense?
  If I had to get rid of one of my senses I would choose my sense of smell. Being able to smell wouldn't benefit me as much as being able to see things and hear things. I feel that seeing and hearing are more important than being able to smell things such as food or perfume. Something that would be important for me to be able to smell is if something was burning. If I don't have the ability to smell, I could just see if something is burning or I might hear it. So what sense would you get rid of?
  School lunches is a very big topic now a days.Parents want to make sure that their children are eating right.Many people are arguing that the food may be healthy, but it might not taste so good.I feel that if kids don't like the cafeteria food they should pack their own lunch from home.What do you think?
  To fix this problem kids should have options.They should have more than one choice for lunch.Students in schools should be given at least two meals to choose from.If the students really don't like the school lunches they should pack a lunch.Packing a lunch is free and they get to choose what they want.So what do you think?Would you pack or buy?

 Do you know what online safety is? Are you cautious when surfing the web? Online safety is when you have security when you are on the internet. Online safety is making sure no one who you don't know has your personal information. It is important to have precaution because someone could steal your identity or find where you live. To help parents make sure there child is safe online go to or to learn tips to keep your child safe. For teachers who would like to teach their students about this go to for some activities.
 There are many helpful tips to help people stay safe online.First, don't give out any personal information.Second, do not enter chat rooms.Many strangers and dangerous people are wanting to talk to children and get personal information from them.Third,monitor what sites you go on and make sure they are kid friendly.Fourth,download a software that detects bugs or other things on a website.Using these tips and more will help you to be safe online.

   As you might know,todays society mostly depends on technology.Technology is used at work,schools,and at home.It's not easy to say if technology is helping us or stressing us.Many think technology is a bad thing and we would be better off without it.What do you think?Would it be difficult for you to give up a device?What device would you give up?
   I think technology is a good thing to have.Technology helps teachers to quickly grade and do many other things for students.Doctors and nurses need technology for machines that help patients.Technology also helps save paper and everything can be stored and typed on a computer.If I had to give up a device I think I would give up my iPod.I mostly need to use a computer.I do most of my school work on the computer and I can't really do it on my iPod.So if I had to give up a device for a while it would be my iPod.
  The Holocaust was a time of great sorrow and misery.Millions of Jews were murdered by the hands of the Nazis.The Nazis were Germans who were under the authority of Adolf Hitler.Hitler believed that all Jews were to blame for the Great Depression.In the case Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews by putting them in numerous concentration camps and killing them.People of many ages were killed.
  Women,children,men,and the elderly were removed from their homes and put in concentration camps.In these camps the Jews were tortured,starved,shot,and murdered.The first ones to be killed were those who were weak or who couldn't work.Mostly children and the elderly were the first ones to be murdered.One of the worst horrible things the Nazis would do to kill the Jews was put them in gas chambers.Over a hundred people would be crammed in a small room and then toxic gas would be released into the air.Once everyone was dead,the dead corpses would be burned.This way of killing could kill many people at a time.Another way people would die was starvation.People would become weak and could not work,because of that they would then be shot by the soldiers.In 1945 the Nazis surrendered due to the death of their leader,Adolf Hitler.All the prisoners were released,but many had lost their family and friends in this tragic event.
  Being innovative is when someone has creative or imaginative ideas.Some people who might be innovative would be like scientists,artists,teachers,writers, and musicians.These types of people think outside of the box and expand their way of thinking.They see things differently and invent new and helpful devices.
  Some examples of who is innovative is Ray Bradbury.Ray Bradbury is a famous author who wrote many imaginative and visionary stories.He is innovative because he could think of various ideas and turn them into a remarkable story.Another innovative person is Leonardo Da Vinci.He is innovative because he could look at a blank canvas and picture many different paintings.He had a creative mind and had an extraordinary talent.There are many other people who are very innovative.These people have created things that help us,they have even made things that fascinate us.
Ray Bradbury
Leonardo Da Vinci
   Recently in our language arts class we have been making and recording podcasts.A podcast in an audio recording of a person ,or group, giving the audience helpful tips or just entertaining the listener on an interesting topic.I have learned various things on making podcasts.First,you have to make sure you have the script planned out and you know your lines.Second,when you talk it can't sound like your reading write off of the paper,make your voice capture the audience.Third,if you are in a group make sure everybody gets a chance to speak in the podcast. 
   There are a few things that I would have done differently while making the podcast.My group was pretty big and not everyone got to speak in the podcast.I would have broken up the large paragraphs in the script and given parts to those people.Another thing I would have changed would be to make sure everyone stayed on task.A few group members were not paying attention and didn't know what we were doing.Those who were paying attention had to stop to catch them up.There weren't many problems that we had for our podcast.They are really fun and simple to do.
Argumentative essays are mostly written about controversial issues,or issues that you would argue about.For example I would probably write an argumentative essay about why we shouldn't be given so much homework at one time.This is an important issue that I would be willing to argue about in essay form because many kids are overwhelmed with the numerous assignments they have to do in one night.After school some kids have sports or other after school activities and by the time they get home they wont have time to sit down and do math,language arts, or science homework.Some tips to help you write an argumentative essay would be to:

1. Have facts that you can prove
2.State your values,or personal views on the topic
3.Try and persuade your audience to agree with your statements 
4.Have confidence in your writing

Also,when choosing a topic pick one that interests you.Following these simple steps will ensure a great argumentative essay.
  Having a great education is a very important thing to have.If you have a high education you have more opportunities in life.Not only is education the key to independence but it is the key to success.
   There are many people who have a high school degree and/or a college degree.If you compare these types of degrees you will see how different the salaries are.If you get a college degree you will most likely get a higher or better paying job.Having a great job will also give you the opportunity to have a big house or have more options on what you can spend your money on.Education is big and will help you become successful.
  I recently returned from a three day trip from Sea Camp San Diego.At Sea Camp, I got to explore the ocean and its many creatures.I got to try things that I couldn't imagine myself doing,such as snorkeling and boogie boarding.I also learned many new and fascinating things.
  When we first got to Sea Camp,I got to go boogie boarding and explore the beach and  learn more information about the beach and what causes waves.We also dissected a fish.On the second day I went whale watching and snorkeling.While whale watching I saw seals,dolphins,fish and seagulls.Afterwards,we dissected a squid.On the last day I learned how to kaiak,then we went to Sea World.I had an amazing time at Sea Camp and if i could I would go back.I learned how to do many cool and different activities, and I got to see sea creatures that I had never seen before.This trip was great and helped me understand more about underwater life.