Most people are born with five senses. There's seeing, smelling, hearing, touching, and tasting. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not have one of those senses? Which sense would you choose to not have if you had to get rid of one of your senses? Why would you choose that sense?
  If I had to get rid of one of my senses I would choose my sense of smell. Being able to smell wouldn't benefit me as much as being able to see things and hear things. I feel that seeing and hearing are more important than being able to smell things such as food or perfume. Something that would be important for me to be able to smell is if something was burning. If I don't have the ability to smell, I could just see if something is burning or I might hear it. So what sense would you get rid of?
  School lunches is a very big topic now a days.Parents want to make sure that their children are eating right.Many people are arguing that the food may be healthy, but it might not taste so good.I feel that if kids don't like the cafeteria food they should pack their own lunch from home.What do you think?
  To fix this problem kids should have options.They should have more than one choice for lunch.Students in schools should be given at least two meals to choose from.If the students really don't like the school lunches they should pack a lunch.Packing a lunch is free and they get to choose what they want.So what do you think?Would you pack or buy?

 Do you know what online safety is? Are you cautious when surfing the web? Online safety is when you have security when you are on the internet. Online safety is making sure no one who you don't know has your personal information. It is important to have precaution because someone could steal your identity or find where you live. To help parents make sure there child is safe online go to or to learn tips to keep your child safe. For teachers who would like to teach their students about this go to for some activities.
 There are many helpful tips to help people stay safe online.First, don't give out any personal information.Second, do not enter chat rooms.Many strangers and dangerous people are wanting to talk to children and get personal information from them.Third,monitor what sites you go on and make sure they are kid friendly.Fourth,download a software that detects bugs or other things on a website.Using these tips and more will help you to be safe online.