Recently in our language arts class we have been making and recording podcasts.A podcast in an audio recording of a person ,or group, giving the audience helpful tips or just entertaining the listener on an interesting topic.I have learned various things on making podcasts.First,you have to make sure you have the script planned out and you know your lines.Second,when you talk it can't sound like your reading write off of the paper,make your voice capture the audience.Third,if you are in a group make sure everybody gets a chance to speak in the podcast. 
   There are a few things that I would have done differently while making the podcast.My group was pretty big and not everyone got to speak in the podcast.I would have broken up the large paragraphs in the script and given parts to those people.Another thing I would have changed would be to make sure everyone stayed on task.A few group members were not paying attention and didn't know what we were doing.Those who were paying attention had to stop to catch them up.There weren't many problems that we had for our podcast.They are really fun and simple to do.

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