School lunches is a very big topic now a days.Parents want to make sure that their children are eating right.Many people are arguing that the food may be healthy, but it might not taste so good.I feel that if kids don't like the cafeteria food they should pack their own lunch from home.What do you think?
  To fix this problem kids should have options.They should have more than one choice for lunch.Students in schools should be given at least two meals to choose from.If the students really don't like the school lunches they should pack a lunch.Packing a lunch is free and they get to choose what they want.So what do you think?Would you pack or buy?


05/07/2013 5:52pm

I agree with you. Parents want their children to have the choice of healthy foods. School lunches should have two choices for kids to choose from. The issue is, a lot of times, both options are unhealthy. In my opinion the school should keep serving what they already serve, but have healthier options.

05/08/2013 9:02pm

I see what you're saying here, and I completely agree. Kids and parents like to complain about the food they're being served. Whether it's because of nutrition of taste. However, if you really have such a big problem with it, just pack your own lunch. If school lunches are such a big deal to you, then it shouldn't be a big deal to pack your own.


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