The Holocaust was a time of great sorrow and misery.Millions of Jews were murdered by the hands of the Nazis.The Nazis were Germans who were under the authority of Adolf Hitler.Hitler believed that all Jews were to blame for the Great Depression.In the case Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews by putting them in numerous concentration camps and killing them.People of many ages were killed.
  Women,children,men,and the elderly were removed from their homes and put in concentration camps.In these camps the Jews were tortured,starved,shot,and murdered.The first ones to be killed were those who were weak or who couldn't work.Mostly children and the elderly were the first ones to be murdered.One of the worst horrible things the Nazis would do to kill the Jews was put them in gas chambers.Over a hundred people would be crammed in a small room and then toxic gas would be released into the air.Once everyone was dead,the dead corpses would be burned.This way of killing could kill many people at a time.Another way people would die was starvation.People would become weak and could not work,because of that they would then be shot by the soldiers.In 1945 the Nazis surrendered due to the death of their leader,Adolf Hitler.All the prisoners were released,but many had lost their family and friends in this tragic event.

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