As you might know,todays society mostly depends on technology.Technology is used at work,schools,and at home.It's not easy to say if technology is helping us or stressing us.Many think technology is a bad thing and we would be better off without it.What do you think?Would it be difficult for you to give up a device?What device would you give up?
   I think technology is a good thing to have.Technology helps teachers to quickly grade and do many other things for students.Doctors and nurses need technology for machines that help patients.Technology also helps save paper and everything can be stored and typed on a computer.If I had to give up a device I think I would give up my iPod.I mostly need to use a computer.I do most of my school work on the computer and I can't really do it on my iPod.So if I had to give up a device for a while it would be my iPod.

04/18/2013 4:38pm

I agree that technology is useful in everyday life. If we didn't have technology, the world would be a lot harder to live in. Although, people do abuse their technology privileges sometimes and take things to far, sometimes hurting another person or relationship.


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