Argumentative essays are mostly written about controversial issues,or issues that you would argue about.For example I would probably write an argumentative essay about why we shouldn't be given so much homework at one time.This is an important issue that I would be willing to argue about in essay form because many kids are overwhelmed with the numerous assignments they have to do in one night.After school some kids have sports or other after school activities and by the time they get home they wont have time to sit down and do math,language arts, or science homework.Some tips to help you write an argumentative essay would be to:

1. Have facts that you can prove
2.State your values,or personal views on the topic
3.Try and persuade your audience to agree with your statements 
4.Have confidence in your writing

Also,when choosing a topic pick one that interests you.Following these simple steps will ensure a great argumentative essay.

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