Being innovative is when someone has creative or imaginative ideas.Some people who might be innovative would be like scientists,artists,teachers,writers, and musicians.These types of people think outside of the box and expand their way of thinking.They see things differently and invent new and helpful devices.
  Some examples of who is innovative is Ray Bradbury.Ray Bradbury is a famous author who wrote many imaginative and visionary stories.He is innovative because he could think of various ideas and turn them into a remarkable story.Another innovative person is Leonardo Da Vinci.He is innovative because he could look at a blank canvas and picture many different paintings.He had a creative mind and had an extraordinary talent.There are many other people who are very innovative.These people have created things that help us,they have even made things that fascinate us.
Ray Bradbury
Leonardo Da Vinci

03/27/2013 4:24pm

This blog was very helpful. I agree with you. I now know more about innovators. Ray Bradbury is a very good example.


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